Saturday, February 16, 2008

Online Casting Call for New TV Show

Briggs Digital Media is looking for a few good men... and women... and teens too! In early March, the new Los Angeles-based production company, whose first series "The Acquirer" starring Matt Schulze ("The Fast and the Furious," "Blade II") is currently filming in Southern California, will begin production on their second series for the Web and Television Syndication, entitled CLONE.

The company is slated to film twenty-two episodes of the new series, which centers on a young man who has discovered a group of human clones that are the creations of a brilliant scientist whose genetic experiments with some of history's most celebrated individuals resulted in living, breathing, human replicas of the great individuals. Something went wrong along the way, however, and now these clones have turned into evil alter-egos of the great human beings from which they were created. Now it is up to one man, Clone Hunter Erik Berlin, to bring these beings to justice.

Actors are invited to submit themselves for consideration by visiting the Briggs Digital Media entertainment website There, they will find complete instructions for submitting resumes and photos to Briggs' casting directors.

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