Friday, January 30, 2009

How to Write a Film Review by Jonathan Mason

Writing a film review can be fun and a way of giving your opinion about a film you have seen. It will also broaden your appreciation of films and help people from wasting money on a bad film. If you are lucky you might even get the chance to have your reviews published and get paid for it.

The stepping stones for writing a film review

Step One

Watch a film. Even if you think it will be bad. You don’t just want to see movies that you know you are going to like. How will you be able to compare the good and bad movies then?

Step Two

Write down some things to remember during the film or do some online research – has a lot of information about most films. Write down the names of the stars, director, screenwriter and the year it was made. Note how long the film is and give it a rating.

Step Three

Take time to let the film soak into your brain. Think about it for a few hours and then begin writing. Let your appreciation or distaste wear off a bit so you don’t write too emotionally. At this time you should think about the set. Were the costumes well made? Were the characters believable?

Step Four

Who do you think this film is aimed at? Will this be enjoyed by children, university grads or is it a date movie? It is the general public who will be reading a newspaper review, not a group of film freaks wanting you to dissect every inch of a film.

Step Five

Start with the introduction. Most film review readers like to be entertained by the review, so think up a good line to hook the reader or a theme for your review.

Step Six

Start writing the review. Include the basic plot of the movie and cover the major events but do not give away the surprise ending. People want to know about the film but not told everything. You almost want to entice people to go if it is good and keep them away if it is bad. Movie reviews are typically 250 to 500 words.

Step Seven

Discuss relevant parts of the film. Include your opinion of the direction, script, actors and photography.

Step Eight

Writing a movie review is perfect for blogging

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