Monday, July 27, 2009

Social Media Changes the Face of Television

Reality Digital has indicated that the growing and ever changing world of social media and online video sharing is having a dramatic effect on modern television.

Consumption of visual materials is growing through the internet medium, with websites like Youtube and Hulu used for the mass syndication of video content. More advanced sites such as Vimeo are now providing high definition video online, proving that the constant development of video and recording technology is showing no signs of slowing down.

The possibilities that the internet has to offer broadcasters are endless. Many channels are now opting to stream their programmes over the web as well as through TV, meaning that more people are tuning into websites to view their favourite shows rather than watching the programme itself. The catch-up TV video platform is also becoming very popular, as most consumers prefer to have their programmes available, as and when they want to view them.

Social media is directly affecting television content too, with more and more programmes adopting interactive elements for audience participation, through social networks such as facebook and twitter. New programmes are beginning to be formed around the social network, rather than the opposite, showing the dominance of social media over television as a whole.


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