Monday, August 17, 2009

Trancas International Films Signs SCRIPTXPERT Client Jeff York

SCRIPTXPERT client Jeff York is now signed with Trancas International Films who will not only manage his writing career, but has also hired him to adapt one of their projects. Trancas found York through the Final Draft, Inc. SCRIPTXPERT coverage service which had recommended York's vampire-romance-with-a-twist script Incurable.

"The experience of using SCRIPTXPERT has been phenomenal," states York. "It's a great way to not only improve your writing, but also have a shot at getting your story in the hands of someone who can do something to help launch your career."

Unexpectedly, York's search for script advice lead to great things. He was impressed by the assigned SCRIPTXPERT reader's horror script knowledge that prevailed in his first critique.

The reader's critical and positive notes helped York revise his screenplay, Incurable, a love affair between a man with cancer and a female vampire. Then, after two exchanges of notes and drafts with the same reader, Incurable was finally recommended.

One advantage of SCRIPTXPERT is if a reader "recommends" a writer's screenplay it reaches the top level. Final Draft, Inc. then passes the client's information - with the writer's permission- to interested agents and producers.

Fortunately, York's Incurable got into Sammy Montana's hands, VP of Trancas International Films, who is always looking for the next "Halloween" box-office smash. "I read it and was blown away," states Montana.

Montana enjoyed York's work and signed him, allowing York to finally pursue his passion. York plans to become a full-time screenwriter in L.A. thanks to submitting his script to Final Draft, Inc.

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