Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Contest for Budding Film Makers

Creative with a camera? Got a bent for cinematography? Then the European Travel Commission (ETC) invites you to enter the "You and Europe" contest with a chance to win a trip for two to the world's most evocative film location: Europe.

Ever since the dawn of motion pictures, some of the best movies have been set in Europe, with its spectacular cultural landscapes and endless subjects. Here's a chance to unleash your inner Almodovar, Bergman, Fassbinder, Fellini, Truffaut or other legendary cineaste. Just be there, film your story and upload it at for instant marquee billing. Your story will be available for all to see -- and if it's green-lighted by our panel of judges, you could win an all-expenses paid trip for two to the country of your choice, courtesy of, one of the most exciting travel websites in cyberspace where visitors can watch European travel television shows, share their travel experiences and even book their next trip.

Every great film project needs great partners, and in addition to, the ETC has brought in, a leading Web content provider. They know what it takes to capture compelling stories on video, and generously share some of their best pointers on making great travel videos, as well as several hot clips to bring your own creative juices to the boil.

"Europe has been and always will be a limitless source of inspiration for filmmakers," said ETC chairman Jean-Philippe Perol. "For Americans, too, there's no end to the romance and adventure they can find there. By giving them an opportunity to exercise their own creativity, we hope they will see Europe with new eyes, deepen their engagement with different European cultures -- and have a lot of fun to boot."

Your story can be touching, funny, romantic, sad -- whatever moves you about the culture you are experiencing. So brush up your storytelling skills by going to to plan your trip, and pack your bags. The "You and Europe" contest will run to September 30, 2008.

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