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Screenplay Formula, Treatment, Template - Star Trek (2009) by Kal Bishop

Star Trek (2009) is a classic example of the 510+ stage Hero's Journey (Monomyth) screen and story writing pattern; this film doesn't stray far from the template at all. Examples include:

a) Hero Parent Death. Kirk's father dies at the hands of Nero's machinations and to save the lives of others. It is normal for the Hero's Parent to perish in the Original World, specifically, within a certain part of the Original World and, specifically, in a certain manner and, further, at the hands of the Greater Antagonism.

b) The Hero passes through a variety of Worlds before we encounter the Devolved Self in the Ordinary World. This film touches on some of the aspects of the Hero's passage through the Exterior and the Another Worlds, where the Hero's Superior Capacities are made explicit - in this story, we are exposed to Kirk's prowess in the car and his evasion of the robot cop.

c) Spock and Kirk play each others' Peer Brother Archetype. The normal passage is for the Hero to eclipse the Peer Brother, but here they play dual archetypal roles of Peer Brother and Supernatural Aid, and converge in ACT III rather than diverge.

d) The Romantic Challenge (Uhura) plays the Ordinary World and New World Romantic Challenge; she is polarised at the start of the story and seized (Bride Theft, Seizing the Sword) at the correct stage.

e) Pike plays the Original World Supernatural Aid as well as the Edge of the Ordinary World Supernatural Aid, both exactly to template.

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