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Screenplay Templates - Monsters Vs Aliens (2009) by Kal Bishop

Monsters Vs. Aliens (2009) is a classic example of the 510+ stage Hero's Journey (Monomyth). Again, this movie indicates that you cannot write a successful story or screenplay without a deep knowledge of this template. Some of the stages of the Hero's Journey within this story follow:

a) There is the Susan's detachment from her Ordinary Self and Ordinary World, represented by her selfish fiance Derek Dietl.

b) There is the magical gift: quantonium that transforms her into Ginormica.

c) There is the unwilling nature of the transformation and then the coming round to it - initially Susan wants to return to normal and then finally accepts her New Self.

d) There is the Old World Romantic Challenge that is lost and detached from - again Derek Dietl.

e) There is the Major Threshold Guardian, who the monsters must overcome before they can move further on - which they do in the Golden Gate Brodge sequence.

f) There is the disappearance of the Old World - though still there, it disappears in that it is no longer as it once was.

g) There is the Physical Separation, where Susan is lifted into the alien UFO.

h) There is the slow dissolution of the Old Self in the spaceship.

i) There is the Seizing the Sword - when the monsters all rescue Susan from the clones.

j) There is the New Name, representing the New and Ultimate Self - Ginormica.

k) There are the Final Conflict sequences, which follow the set pattern from Initial Loss to Letting Go to Inner Resolve to Victory, including the Multiple Catharsis and more.

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