Sunday, June 22, 2008

International Film & TV Finance Summit - East Coast Edition

Gas up your tank, put your helmet on and rev your engine! The Film & TV finance market is jolting turbo speed ahead - are you prepared to keep up the pace? Here's the opportunity to accelerate your speed at Atlas' 2008 New York International Film & TV Finance Summit on September 23rd & 24th at the Regency Hotel in New York City. Opportunities and more financing options are opening up to meet the needs of independent film makers, independent mini-majors, TV and Cable networks as well as major production studios.

Highlights of the conference include how cable TV networks develop, finance and market documentary shorts and features, ways to access and structure film financing from hedge funds and other institutional finance sources for a single film or a portfolio of films, using digital and internet platforms for distributing media content into the home, how to improve financing opportunities by attaching the right talent to a project, strategies on how to tap into private equity and "high net-worth" individuals, as well as how to do an international co-production by a case study.

Independent producers, network and studio executives, commercial investment bankers, film finance professionals and legal and tax accounting advisors together will examine complex issues that arise in financing TV and film production by sharing technical knowledge and past experiences. If you're in the TV and film industry, you can't afford to miss this summit.

To register for this event view for more information call 914.946.4010.

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