Friday, June 6, 2008

The Internet is Hollywood’s New Frontier, a general-interest online magazine with over 8 million monthly visitors, features Robin Cowie as Celebrity Writer.

In three Web-exclusive articles Cowie invites Hollywood to get with the times:

"Broadcast TV used to be the lifeblood of studios. It had the most concentrated, dependable audience and advertisers paid premiums to reach it. But this model is failing. People don't watch the 6pm news anymore. They read a blog or an email or their Google or Yahoo home page to get the news."

Full article text is available on

Internet Replaces TV for Film Ads
The New Breed of Film Producers
How the Internet Changes Hollywood

"Robin Cowie is the best combination of renaissance man and dynamic innovator," according to Suite101's Film & Television Editor, Cindy McGlynn. "The wildly successful ‘Blair Witch Project' may be the most famous feather in his cap, but it's one of many. He's a new media guru, a successful author, a filmmaker and a Webpreneur. We're excited to peek inside his world for an insider's look at the Hollywood machine and learn about breaking into the quickly-evolving film industry."

Suite101 features a new Celebrity Writer every month with an original article on "burning questions" in their field and an interview offering candid advice to freelance writers.

About Robin Cowie

Robin Cowie is an internet entrepreneur, filmmaker, television producer and the president of World Wide Brands Inc. His latest film project, "Altered" received awards from the Producers Guild of America, the Independent Feature Project; and the Cannes Film Festival. He has also spoken at the eBay Live! national convention for the past 4 years.

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