Sunday, January 27, 2008

Filmmaker Sells Bricks to Raise A Quarter of A Million for Indywood Film

Grimsby born filmmaker Antony Lane is attempting to revolutionize the way films are funded in the UK, putting some life into an almost dead industry. In a quirky new concept Antony has to sell 1805 bricks to raise his movies budget independently.

"Some of Hollywood's top film-makers have backed a project by two enterprising film graduates who have used the internet to unite independent movie-makers from across the globe in the making of a film shot in Wales, which they hope could emulate the success of 'The Blair Witch Project’.

The Indywood Project is the brainchild of entrepreneur moviemaker Tony Lane, a recent film and video graduate from the International Film School Wales (IFSW).

In the past year Tony has made the headlines with his Miss Indywood contest and a Guinness World Record attempt at a zombie gathering in the city centre of Cardiff last year, which made national TV news.

Originally from Grimsby Tony moved to Cardiff to get his film "Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead" off the ground using nothing but the Internet. Within less than a year promoting the movie he has managed to get the film advertised on two of Europe’s leading online DVD rental stores as well as being featured on several theatrical blockbuster lists for 2008.

Tony Lane and his entrepreneurial partner Andrew Cargill have come up with a revolutionary idea to fund their first feature. Their fundraising website is selling virtual bricks for people to advertise on, they are hoping to raise the quarter of a million dollars needed to make the film independently.

"We want to give people from all around the world a chance to help out and contribute towards getting our movie made, this is an ambitious project and if successful may help inspire more filmmakers to fund their own movies here in the UK", said Antony.

Indywood needs to sell 1805 bricks in order to reach the $250,000 target goal.

"Both me and Antony have complete faith in this concept, the site doesn’t officially launch till the 28th Jab and we have already sold a great number of bricks and received an incredible amount of interest from established filmmakers from across the globe" said Andrew.

"Each brick is sold for $100 (£50.00) making it the most expensive small brick on the market today. Buying a brick will give you a chance to advertise on the indywood wall and you will also receive an exclusive producers pass to a secret website, where you can help contribute to the movie as well as see it develop in real time" said Andrew.

"This is a great site for people to promote their companies on since we are receiving thousands of hits a day just to see our crazy wall"
Said Antony.

For the past year Indywood has been promoting "Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead" across the net and in that time have managed to get a string of top talent supporting it including the very controversial Ken Russell, Kevin Pollak, Warwick Davies, David Bailey and top Hollywood special effects and makeup artist, Rich Knight.

Rich Knight said, "Indywood represents the future of Independent film"

"I love the website and am excited to see that the independent film makers in the UK have this sort of awareness-raising foundation. I wish all those involved the best of fortune and opportunity." Said Kevin Pollak

"I want to prove to the world that anyone determined enough and is motivated enough can achieve their wildest dreams, and this is that project" said Tony Lane.

Legendary film director Ken Russell has also joined the list of Hollywood film-makers in giving his support to this ambitious project and has also accepted the position of Executive Producer.

Ken Russell, who is a visiting professor at IFSW, said, "I’m very pleased to give my support to Indywood which is a very ambitious project. Antony deserves all the support he can get for using the internet as a method of bringing together independent film-making talent from all over the world."

"It’s a great honour to have such an amazing film-maker as Ken Russell on board," said 29-year-old Tony. "Ken, who will also have a part in the film, is a great believer in independent film-making.

The filmmaking duo are currently pursuing Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, a big supporter of independent films, to support the project and maybe take a cameo in the movie.

Antony is currently completing the script for the 100-minute horror film entitled 'Invasion of The Not Quite Dead', which will be spoof Hollywood B-movies in a very unique and scary way. Shooting will begin in the summer of 2008 at various locations around Cardiff and Brecon.

"I want to prove that you don’t have to rely on studios or private investors to raise a movie’s budget. With ambition and enthusiasm the sky’s the limit – we can bring Hollywood to the UK."

The film will have an official London premiere before being shown at top film festivals worldwide, including Cannes.

"We hope that this unique and quirky idea will catch the heart and minds of people around the world and will help us to independently fund our film and put the welsh film industry on the map."


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