Sunday, January 27, 2008

Filmmaker Traveling U.S. to Promote Movie

Director Gabriel Barboza will travel cross-country in a Mobile Ad Truck promoting his movie Green Eyed Monster, and the $10,000 contest embedded into the film. Dallas based production company Grey Sky Project Entertainment is sponsoring the tour which includes screenings and promotional events at theaters, universities, and smaller venues nationwide. The truck will feature scrolling ads that are being auctioned off on Ebay, as well as ads for the film. To track his progress and for auction information visit:

Barboza plans on traveling for a minimum of Sixty (60) days around the country promoting the film. He will head eastward from Dallas up to New York and make his way across the country to an event in Los Angeles.

He will blog and video-log his daily progress during the tour as he builds a greater following for the $10,000 contest, officially called The Search. Contest details are available on the movie's website.

Green Eyed Monster features a highly unique aspect. The film contains a number of clues throughout it that actually lead to real treasure! Clues leading to prizes totaling more than $10,000 can be found throughout the film. "We wanted to create an exciting experience for those people who support Green Eyed Monster", Barboza explains. By engaging in the treasure hunt, people can reap great benefits from the film long after watching.

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