Sunday, January 20, 2008

Q & A With Actress, Writer and Producer Lindsay Zir

Fashion icon and "young hollywood" personality, Leena Holland, recently had the opportunity of interviewing the beautiful Actress, Writer and Producer, Lindsay Zir.

Q: What inspired you to write and produce "Celebrities Anonymous"?

A: I was in a relationship with a minor celebrity and had to endure the hardships of a public breakup. Talking with my girlfriends, I realized it's somewhat common to have a celebrity ex if you date in Los Angeles. So, I drew upon my friends' stories as well as bits and pieces of mine, adding a generous amount of fiction, and came up with this great idea for a series about celebrity exes, entitled "Celebrities Anonymous."

Q: What's the basic premise for the show?

A: "Celebrities Anonymous" focuses on regular girls dealing with the aggravation of having famous celebrity exes. Over them or not, they never go away. No matter what they do, these girls are haunted by their exes all over the media -- tabloids especially, Access Hollywood-type TV, WireImage, TMZ, Google, etc. More so than any regular breakup where one can almost get away entirely without seeing or hearing about an ex, these women are faced with their demons relentlessly. Celebrities Anonymous (CA) refers to a weekly support group meeting -- similar to an AA meeting. They "sponsor" each other informally and, the way an AA sponsor would help an alcoholic make the decision to not drink or enter a bar, these girls help each other not buy the tabloids or look at their exes online.

Q: What made you produce a web series vs. writing a pilot to get it sold?

A: It's possible that if I sell it to a studio the original concept could totally change by the time it gets made -- if it even got made at all. This way the original inspiration for the project stays in tact. Plus, there's immediate gratification of writing, producing, directing, and casting it.

Q: What's in your future as a Producer?

A: I look forward to running my own production company so that I can have the capability to produce passion projects.

Q: How did you compile the cast and crew for "Celebrities Anonymous?"

A: A big part of this business is connections. Fortunately, I've made some wonderful connections with people who I can gladly say are good friends and talented artists as well. I'm working with the insanely talented comedian, Dennis Hemphill, who is a Groundlings Sunday Company Alumni. Our leading male character is played by Joey Kern, best known for his roles in cult hits like "Super Troopers" and "Cabin Fever." I was very fortunate to get the amazing actress, Beau Garrett ("Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer") involved. My other actors are all steadily working in this business, so it's great to be in the company of so many professionals who just want to have some fun making a web series.

"Celebrities Anonymous" is set to hit the web in early February 2008.


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