Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Film Company In New York Scores Their First Big Project

McCray & Greif will Executive Produce there first project as partners "Full Order of Protection, Domestic Violence Files." This pilot series is based on an unreleased book by John Michael Leventhal, who is the first Judge to oversee a Felony Domestic Violence Court in the United States. "FOP" will bring Domestic Violence awareness to society by portraying real life situations to the screen (protecting the victim's identity) and giving prevention tips. "These real life stories had me on my toes, I can't believe these situations are in fact true and people have to go through these acts of violence", Executive Producer, McCray.

"FOP" will be shot in McCray & Greif's new film studio in Bright Waters, Long Island. The set is currently being designed and filming will start around Jan 19th.


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