Saturday, January 12, 2008

Filmmakers Launch Indie Careers with UndergroundfilmMaker Festival

As part of its efforts to seek out, recognize and promote independent filmmakers, Undergroundfilm announces the "UndergroundfilmMaker Festival" (UGFMF).

Undergroundfilm was founded in 1998 with a mission of bringing new audiences to independent film. UGF's website,, is a showcase of films from every point of the stylistic and thematic spectrum. Undergroundfilm became a pioneer in bringing web-based content off-web, first through Akimbo, then handheld devices, DVD collections and screenings. In 2006, Undergroundfilm launched its first VOD Festival with Comcast. Undergroundfilm currently maintains channels on Vuze, Babelgum, Joost, Youtube, Myspace, and others.

Sponsored by Seagate Technologies and Current TV, 'UGFMF' offers a new approach to film festivals. In an era where filmmakers are called "users" who "generate content," Undergroundfilm puts the spotlight back where it belongs: behind the camera. UGFMF recognizes and rewards individuals who are talented, prolific and eclectic in the art and craft of cinema. Each filmmaker will submit a portfolio of films, a videotaped interview and complete a newly assigned project.

Seagate Technology is the presenting sponsor for the $5000 Grand Prize and the Category Prize for Best Portfolio.

UGF has built a library of thousands of high quality short form films, leading Wired Magazine to call it "the place on the web for serious filmmakers." (May, 2006)


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