Thursday, March 20, 2008 Launches Film Hosting Website

FilmClick, a film hosting website and online community, has launched the beta version of FilmClick aims to deliver a library of original feature-length films and shorts, as well as provide an online community for everyone involved in amateur, independent, and commercial films to connect and be discovered. Accompanying the launch of the beta website, FilmClick also announced its upcoming, online film festival, accepting entries through June 30, 2008.

FilmClick has many quality features, separating it from other video-hosting websites. FilmClick seeks true films as opposed to the viral videos found on many popular websites. The video quality on FilmClick is much higher than that offered on many other video websites, including full and widescreen capabilities, giving viewers a more enjoyable experience while viewing films over the Internet. Also, there are no restrictions on the file size or the length of films users can upload. FilmClick wants all filmmakers to take part in this online community and have their works seen by a global audience. FilmClick offers a free, mail-in service for conversion to digital format for films currently on tapes, reels and other media.

In addition to hosting films, FilmClick serves as a social networking arena for everyone interested and involved in film. FilmClick believes that everyone contributing to a film, not just actors and filmmakers, should be recognized. FilmClick welcomes and encourages behind-the-scenes crewmembers to join the FilmClick community. Those not working in the film industry but who enjoy watching films are also welcomed to join and view films, all while being able to connect and interact with those who worked on the creation. Users can create FilmClick profiles, view films, upload films, add friends, post comments, review films, create groups, join groups, and much more. It is not required to register with FilmClick to view films, however registration is recommended to explore the full services offered by FilmClick.

FilmClick also announced it will be sponsoring and hosting an online film festival, with entries being accepted through June 30, 2008. The categories for entry are: Comedy, Documentary, and General Films (includes all other genres). Each film can be entered into just one category; however, there is no limit to the number of films submitted by one user. Over $5,000 will be awarded in total, with registered FilmClick users determining the winners.

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