Friday, March 14, 2008

Filmmaker Balks Tradition To Pave Unconventional Distribution Route

Filmmaker Jim Killeen will steer clear of contemporary release conventions and instead premiere his film "Google Me" on a free worldwide Internet stream. This is true to form for the entrepreneur who has a history of taking his future into his own hands rather than relying on others. The movie will premiere on on Friday, April 25th, 2008, with a DVD release to follow on Tuesday, April 29th, 2008.

"Google Me" is a feature-length documentary about Detroit native and LA resident Jim Killeen who, like so many of us, googled his name one evening in a moment of curiosity. The difference here that the filmmaker actually followed up on his findings by not only contacting the discovered namesakes, but also traveling to whatever remote location was called for to meet and interview the subjects of his search. Jim Killeen the filmmaker found, among others, Jim Killeen the Roman Catholic priest in Cobh, Ireland, Jim Killeen the retired cop in New York, Jim Killeen the CEO in Melbourne, Australia and Jim Killeen the sexual swinger in Denver. As a result of his genealogical journey, Killeen winds up forging life-long friendships with the previously unknown Killeens, as well as documenting a provoking commentary on today's society and how technology has transformed all of our lives.

"Google Me" has been given the search engine's blessing and even features Google's VP of Engineering, Douglas Merrill, in an insightful and entertaining interview voicing his sentiments on the subject.

The Washington Post calls Killeen "The Man Who Found Himself."

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