Friday, March 14, 2008

Los Angeles-Based Screenwriting Contest Helps Short Script Screenwriters Advance Their Careers

Los Angeles based screenwriting contest, Movie Script Contest ( has announced a new award for short screenwriters from around the world. For their 2008 Movie Script Short Contest, the contest organizers will produce the winning short script, giving one lucky winner the chance to see their short script come to life on the screen.

Up to now, many writers of short scripts had to either produce their own work often at great personal expense; or let their short script collect dust on the shelf. While there are a number of screenwriting contests that accept short script entries; and prizes range from small cash awards, software and certificates, there are very few screenwriting contests that will produce the winner's short script in a professional and timely fashion.

Contest Director, Jason N. Zimmatore says, "At Movie Script Contest, we go above and beyond to assist writers. While our feature contest offers cash prizes and industry exposure; we wanted to do something big for short script writers. Though anyone can produce their own short script, and many have with great results; it's more of a challenge in terms of locating top equipment, actors and crew outside of major film production regions. Based in Los Angeles, we have access to world-class film production professionals, many of these industry pros have worked on big Hollywood movies with multi-million dollar budgets and star casts. Movie Script Contest will utilize these professionals and top-notch gear to produce the winning short of the 2008 Movie Script Short Contest. The produced, winning short will then be entered into leading film festivals around the world."

Movie Script Contest expects that the combination of an award winning short script, produced by Hollywood production professionals, entered into top festivals is a winning strategy for the winning short script writer. The City of Burbank recently honored Movie Script Contest for its outstanding contribution to new writers.

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