Sunday, March 9, 2008

Screenplay-by-Email Wins First Prize

Screenwriter Jeanne McKinney lives in California. Author Anne Bradshaw lives a thousand miles away in Utah. With night owl McKinney writing through midnight, and early bird Bradshaw hitting the keys at five in the morning, they created a screenplay-by-email that beat competition from around the world for Fantasy/Sci-Fi entries in the International Family Film Festival's 13th annual screenplay competition at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.

"The Ardanea Pendant" tells the story of three 60's college students who save untold lives when an empowered relic guides them on a mind-bending mission to reform the past, creating a new Ireland. It's history with a twist -- or a possible new genre called "Twistory."

For those who read between the lines, this exhilarating movie carries a message for the world -- that each one of us reaching out today can make a powerful collective difference in the future.

The writers, who are already planning a sequel for their award-winning screenplay, are actively seeking a producer.


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