Saturday, March 15, 2008

Green Eyed Monster and $10,000 Prize Lure Horror Movie Fans

Filmmakers Gabriel Barboza and Jose Sauceda have begun their cross-country trek in an unprecedented grassroots effort to spread the word about the new movie Green Eyed Monster and the $10,000 contest built into it. The pair financed the tour by auctioning off ad space on a large mobile billboard truck that will be driven from New York to Los Angeles.

The filmmakers completed a regional round through Texas - with a presence at Texas Frightmare Weekend, Texas Fearfest, and the Austin, TX debut of the movie at the Dobie Theater - and are headed eastward into New Jersey for the Monster Mania convention. The film will also screen in Queens, NY at the Hell Gate Social Club before they head westward toward California. The journey will culminate in Los Angeles for Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors at the Los Angeles convention center, and a screening of the film.

The film is a supernatural thriller based on Hispanic folklore. A group of young friends are drawn to an abandoned ranch by rumors of hidden money. Their hunger for the money grows as the grisly history of the land threatens to consume them all.

The official website,, follows the pair through video-logs and blogs about their journey. The tour schedule and locations can be found on the site as well.

Tour screenings include Queens, Atlanta, Tucson, and Los Angeles. To personalize the experience they have extended an offer to the general public for anyone who hosts a Watching Party by saying that they will make the parties official stops along the tour. The filmmakers will also hit colleges, horror conventions, and film festivals along the way.

"We want to tell the world about Green Eyed Monster," says Barboza, the director of the film.

Green Eyed Monster features a highly unique aspect. The film contains a number of clues throughout it that actually lead to real cash! Clues leading to prizes totaling more than $10,000 can be found throughout the film. "We wanted to create an exciting experience for the people who support Green Eyed Monster," Barboza explains. By engaging in the treasure hunt, people can reap great benefits from the film long after watching.

The film was shot on a modest budget with Barboza serving as Writer, Director, Producer, and Editor. The movie itself was written around a simple premise: If an audience is watching a movie about people digging for money why not let them dig for their own?

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