Saturday, May 17, 2008

Horror Movie Fans Get the Best of All Online Worlds

Online communities span the Internet and take many forms including forums and chat, elaborate personal profiles and sharing platforms for picture and videos. On every site and sharing every kind of information exist horror movie fans. The Ossuary combines all of these elements for the decidedly specialized aficionados of terror, screams and gore.

" kept all of the major draws of online communities in mind when creating The Ossuary," says 'The Horror Czar', editor and webmaster Don Sumner. "There are already video sharing sites, personal web page sites, picture sharing and discussion forum sites, but The Ossuary has everything we want online with a 'Horror Freak' slant."

The Ossuary adds video uploads and sharing, highly personalized member web pages, picture and music galleries, discussion forums and member groups to the already rich offering of movie reviews, top 100 horror movie lists, monster and hero profiles and the highly popular 'Horror Freak Brain Trust' where visitors can get the name of that horror movie they remember bits and pieces of from when they were eight years old from helpful horror fans around the globe.

"The Ossuary is the perfect place for 'The Discerning Horror Freak'," says Don Sumner, "and it is completely free."


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