Thursday, May 15, 2008

Veteran Film Executives to Teach Film Distribution Seminar and Workshop

On May 17, 2008, President of Passion River Films, Allen Chou and Gallant Films Distribution Consultant, Josh Levin will be holding a film distribution seminar and workshop to help teach filmmakers how to distribute and market their film.

"The digital age has changed the traditional model of distribution for independent film. For every opportunity it presents there's another challenge." Says Tim Sullivan, Former Buyer, Netflix

Former Manager of Product Analysis & Buyer, Blockbuster Video "Allen helped me understand the opportunities and at the same time helped steer away from the pitfalls to get the most out of the projects I was attempting to maximize".

At their Film Distribution Seminar and Workshop, Allen and Josh will discuss several urban myths of the filmmaking world such as "why getting your film into Sundance just doesn't matter anymore", "Getting Festivals to pay YOU for screening your film", and "How Netflix changed everything with 7 million online subscribers".

As Allen and Josh understand the hardships of cashflow for filmmakers, they are running a variety of promos for the class including special rates for groups like Shooting People, Media Bistro, and Myspace.

Allen and Josh are also running a contest, giving away scholarships for their Film Distribution Seminar and Workshop to three filmmakers who have struggled with the biggest hardships while making their "masterpiece". Doors will open bright and early at 9AM on Saturday May 17th to offer filmmakers advice on the age old question…"How do I make money from my movie?" With over 350 combined titles under their belt, Allen and Josh, have been around town distributing everything from Oscar Winners to $2000 Guerilla-style features since the days when the words "DVD" were just a tongue twister. Now it is time to spread what they know to all struggling, aspiring and even successful filmmakers in town.

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