Saturday, May 10, 2008

Visual Champagne Gives New Film Producers Movie Art Fundamentals and a Free Nikon

A successfully produced and marketed film can be big business for everyone involved. But for first-time film producers, the process can be daunting, requiring knowledge of everything from scripting to promotion. Even the movie poster plays an important role in sparking audience interest -- but it's also a piece on which new producers are more likely to cut corners.

Now, in a move likely to make Visual Champagne the toast of first-time film producers, the photography and graphic design firm is offering a comprehensive, hands-on, 10-week Digital Photography & Movie Poster Design workshop covering all aspects of digital photography and poster design. And the company is not kidding around: Visual Champagne is even giving every participant a Nikon D40 and two lenses, valued at $800 and sponsored by the Motion Picture Technology & Techniques Corporation.

For those new to film production, the workshop is designed to instill lifelong skills in photography and design, save thousands of dollars on first films, and help emerging producers communicate more effectively with their marketing teams on future films. And, according to Bruno, the mix of information his firm offers workshop participants can't be found anywhere else.

Digital Photography & Movie Design workshop participants will learn digital photography basics, including: photo composition, lighting, color harmony and shooting for compositing; graphic design fundamentals, including layout and design, effective use of typography, compositing techniques and effective use of image processing; and a thorough introduction to the history and practical use of movie art. Those interested in the workshop can learn more at

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