Thursday, May 22, 2008

WITCHBLADE Coming to the Big Screen

Platinum Studios, Inc., in conjunction with Top Cow Productions and Arclight Films, today announced a deal to co-produce a feature film based on the action fantasy thriller Witchblade. The best-selling comic book franchise created by Top Cow, has sold over 100 million units worldwide since its #1 debut in 1995.

It is anticipated that the film would be shot on location in Australia later this year. The exact story line and nature of the script is being kept under wraps but will stay true to the Witchblade mythology which centers around an ornate, jewel-encrusted gauntlet that gives superpowers to the wearer, a chosen female bearer of each generation, who possess it.

Arclight CEO Gary Hamilton, Arclight Production Operations Head Nigel Odell, Platinum Studios’ CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and Steve Squillante of Havenwood Media are all set to produce. Top Cow’s CEO Marc Silvestri and President Matt Hawkins would serve as executive producers as would Platinum Studios’ Rich Marincic. Former Universal Pictures senior executive Randy Greenberg of the Greenberg Group would also executive produce.

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